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Individual gripper solutions made of standard ASS components

ASS Grippers

We designed a robot hand for removal of plastics parts. It uses grippers, vacuum cups and aluminum profiles made in our own factory in Overath, near Cologne Germany. Our R&D department utilizes the latest LSR technology for prototyping and is the driving force behind our well known reputation for innovation and first class components.

Custom Automation Solutions made by ASS

ASS Robot Hands

We design and build robot hands from over 1,300 ASS standard components to meet your application needs. From material handling to integrated quality control features, we are your partner for your automation projects.

Intelligent combination of material handling, conveying and robots

ASS Automation Systems

When it comes to demanding a complex automation system with little maintenance and down time, ASS is your partner. Continuous product development and efficient manufacturing processes are a guarantee from ASS Automation Systems.

Quick and inexpensive complex components

ASS PA-Forming

If there is a need for unconventional light weight gripping components, we utilize our own LSR rapid prototyping equipment. Special contours with integrated vacuum chambers are designed by using your parts with CAD data.

Neuheit: WSL KG

The all new WSL KG angle clamp is probably the most universal clamp on the market. It features a swivel and a ball joint which allows the positioning of components in nearly every angle. The clamping mechanism is robust and keeps the components in place. The WSL KG clamp can replace several traditional clamps and arms that are necessary to achieve the same angle then a single WSL KG. The new clamp is therefore ideal for compact and complex EOAT applications. If it comes to weight savings, the WSL KG can replace sever components in an End of Arm Tools.


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ASS News

The new EOAT Robot Hand Kit is available!
ASS EOAT Robot Hand Kit 2013/2014


ASS Robotic Tooling Components

ASS Robot Tooling and Gripper Components consist of standard and special components which can easily be combined to build custom robot hands.


ASS Robotic Tooling

We design and build Robotic Tooling to meet your application needs. From our standard components and custom components, we provide a solution for your material handling needs.


ASS Automation Systems

Specialized on Automation Systems we combine material handling, conveying, quality control, robot and assembly technology into an individual custom solution.